In a few days I’ll be off to India for my international MBA sanctioned business trip. I’ll tour some local and multinational businesses, including KPMG and Ford India. I’ll see the sights, meet the local government officials in charge of vetting international businesses and regulating local ones. And, of course, I’ll haggle in the market place, and wander in shoeless awe through majestic temples and palaces.

I’m pretty excited for the experience. I only wish there was more baseball on the trip—that would be awesome!

As a first timer in India, I know I have a lot of shocks awaiting me. Most of it will be the product of standard cultural differences. I’m as ready for them as I can be, but I’m sure I’ll have my WTF moments regardless (I’ll be keeping a running blog of it during the trip, with pictures!).

Don’t worry, we’ve had natives (that are professors at the college) come in and brief us on how to behave, what not to eat, and what hand to shake with—you know, the standard stuff. We’ve also been talked to about how to carry ourselves, what to wear, and how to show respect (and what things we might accidentally do that would show disrespect). Beyond that, it’s fair game. The KSU staff doesn’t want us to know everything. After all, some things you can only learn from hands on, scarred-for-life, experience, amiright?

I want to get the most value form this trip. That is to say, I’m spending a lot on this degree, this trip is part of the degree’s tuition, and, even if I opted out of the trip I wouldn’t get the money back. So, when I walk away from India, I want to feel like I got the most from the experience in the complete sense of the word most. I mean 44,000 dollars, most. I want to feel like the 10 days I’m there were packed with learning tools and experiences that will help me go boldly into my future as a MBA, land me a sweet job, get me into networks in india, and help me better understand Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

Thus I have come to you, my dear Internet bound friends. Tell me, from your limitless bounty of wisdom, what should I do to achieve my goals? As a blossoming business man, how can I make the most of my college book learn’n as it ventures to India? Also, what are some great Cricket facts to whip out in casual conversation?

As a first timer there, what should I do simply to have a good experience, avoid getting sick, ripped off, or carried away by a large bird of prey? Please, oh wise, all knowing internet, Sword of Omens me, (aka, give me sight beyond sight).

Here is a little about travel itinerary:

Our trip will start in Chennai. We’ll be there for about 5 days, then head to New Dehli for another 5. We’ll also take a train, which I hear is quit the experience. We’ll be there during Holi, which we’ve been warned not to go out in, especially the girls.

Alright, commence wisdom dispensing!