F U Rays, and Other Myths

I’ve been sharing links to my literary tinkering lately. I tinker with words a lot since I don’t have baseball to tinker with anymore. Some tinkering goes well, some not so well, and some I’m just not sure about. But I guess that’s what a blog is for—a place to test content, see...

Excerpt from Rays Rough Draft 4. Maddon’s Office.

Rough Draft Excerpt. Errors are Okay.  The next time I’d talk to Joe was in that private meeting. It actually wasn’t between just Joe and I, it was most of the top level staff, including Andrew Friedman. They wanted to get to know me, talk about why they brought me in, get a feel...

Rays Book Excerpt 3. Meeting Maddon

Unedited excerpt from Rays Book Pitch first draft. Errors are OK.  We all sat in a huddled half moon on outfield grass, Joe Maddon at our core with a few coaches and staffers in a deep orbit behind him. He wore white rimmed sunglass with a designer inlay and held a fungo bat like...

Big Signs VS Team Chemistry

During this time of the year, all the speculation is on top tier talent. People call it building a better team, but I find putting it in those terms rather oxymoronic since one person does not a team make. Big names get signed and then the math nerds start cranking out...