Tebow, Jesus, And Other Irrelevancies

I’ve weighed in on the Tebow issue before, several times in fact. But, it really is like the gift that keeps on giving… reasons for me to rant about in print. I got on the Twitter last night and fired out a couple of comments I would like to hear Tim Tebow say. Now, to be clear,...

God Told Tim Tebow To Tell Me To Write This…

In a recent talk with a friend, the subject of the great Tim Tebow came up. No, no, not his amazing football season this year. I don’t pay attention to football whatsoever, so trying to talk about the mechanics of the game with me would be a fruitless endeavor. Instead, the...

Little Giants

Once again I was on the yellow line edging the football field, the same yellow line this annoying mom with an inferior camera ran me off of earlier because, as she said, “It’s against the rules.” “I just want some good shots of my cousin, no reason to get...