Dear Angry College Pitcher Who Hates His Coach…

Dear angst ridden young college pitcher, angry at his coach. Ah yes, the public call out. Those always go over so well… Nothing says “pick your head up” like being called a coward in front of an entire team of peers and friends. I’ll bet it shook you up....

MiLB Survival Tip #4 — Think For Yourself.

  I’m going to say this as plainly as I can: stop doing stupid shit just because everyone else on the team is doing it. It’s not a good reason to do something in any other walk of life so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a good reason now. Being on a team is a lot like...

The Recipe for #EpicFail Starts in the Head

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but wow, what a night for baseball September 28th turned out to be. I usually don’t like to throw my voice into such an over saturated market of baseball commentary, but I can’t help it. I’m tired of listening to people who’ve never played...