A broke minor leaguer living on his grandmother's floor, driving a rusted out import, trolling for girls on Eharmony... Could it get much more pathetic. As a matter of fact, yes it could—the car gets crushed by a tree. But that only makes the story of how Dirk rose from the ashes of being a complete non-prospect and landed in the big leagues with two best sellers that much more satisfying! Head over to this page to learn more about Dirk Hayhurst, his humours yet inspiring story, and how to book him for your next speaking event.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, the movies on the Theater Page are worth a gazillion. On the Theater Page you'll find video of Dirk Hayhurst speaking, playing baseball, doing interviews with famous celebrities types, and just generally having a good time (and catching a tarantula in a bucket).

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Baseball Central

Retired Major League Baseball pitcher and author Dirk Hayhurst joins broadcaster and analyst Sam Cosentino to discuss all the news and stories on-and-off the major and minor league diamonds.

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