The Five Steps

What do players play for? A great question, and, depending on when you ask a player during his career, it can be answered in many different ways…. I remember my first and only Spring training with the Rays. I got a big league camp invite, which meant I got treated like a...

Hit The Panic Button

It’s time to hit the panic button. I know what you’re going to say. I’m a downer. It’s early. It’s a small sample size. It’s only April. This team has the ability to get hot at any time. Maybe. Then again, maybe not. Consider that the Jays are,...

F U Rays, and Other Myths

I’ve been sharing links to my literary tinkering lately. I tinker with words a lot since I don’t have baseball to tinker with anymore. Some tinkering goes well, some not so well, and some I’m just not sure about. But I guess that’s what a blog is for—a place to test content, see...

Rays Book Excerpt 4. Meet Your Teammates

Excerpt from first rough draft. Errors expected.  …He played catch with David Price, who, by contrast, was naturally cool and never had to try to be accepted at anything. Price oozed charm and charisma. He was like the entire team’s older brother who also happened to be the...

Excerpt from Rays Rough Draft 4. Maddon’s Office.

Rough Draft Excerpt. Errors are Okay.  The next time I’d talk to Joe was in that private meeting. It actually wasn’t between just Joe and I, it was most of the top level staff, including Andrew Friedman. They wanted to get to know me, talk about why they brought me in, get a feel...

Excerpt 2, Jan 22. Rough Draft Rays Book

What I really needed was a reason to get up and hit the gym. A better reason. My agent would advise me to keep training as if I had a job. Coaches would say a prepared man creates his own luck. But my heart, that silly, skittish, vessel of illogic kept telling that if another job...