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Bigger Than The Game

Old demons together with new enemies and a season ending— possibly career ending— injury look to knock Hayhurst out of baseball forever.

Isolated from his family, broken, and branded a traitor by his teammates for writing inside the locker room, Hayhurst finds himself at a crossroads: should he continue down the spiral of depression and prescription drug abuse he's falling into, or seek psychological help at the risk of being labeled a "head case" by an industry biased against that which it cannot quantify?

Or maybe Hayhurst just needs to show them all how much fun being a head case can be? In a crazy world of injured athletes, autograph-seeking nuns, angry wrestlers, and trainers with a taste for torture, Hayhurst learned lessons about the game—and himself—that were not in any rulebook.

Like all of Hayhurst's writing on baseball, Bigger Than The Game tells a story about what lies beneath the often gilded uniform of the professional player in the honest, often hilarious, and self effacing way Hayhurst has become so renown for—even while exploring often shunned topics like the rampancy of prescription drug abuse among major league athletes, the stigma of depression among athletes, and the damning consequences of violating the codes of the locker room.

Bigger Than The Game is Hayhurst's most compelling book to date and is a must read for those who truly wish to know what their favorite player goes through when they break.

Official Publication date: February 25, 2014.

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Praise for Bigger Than The Game

"Sharp insights and searing honesty about depression, addiction, and baseball"

Tyler Kepner, The New York Times.

“By writing courageously about mental health and insightfully about the rise of social media, Hayhurst has done more than take us inside our national pastime. He’s provided us with a window to our national consciousness. BIGGER THAN THE GAME represents Hayhurst’s thought-provoking legacy to the sport.”

—John Paul Morosi, Fox Sports.

"Hayhurst’s book delves deeper into what happens when a player is broken physically, but it goes a step further, detailing what can happen when a player is also broken mentally. This is a rare treat, and would be essential reading for this fact alone, even if the tale was not well conveyed. However, the book is an incredibly entertaining rollercoaster ride."

The Hardball Times

"Dirk Hayhurst has a keen eye for finding the human side in the business-oriented world of professional baseball, something he's demonstrated in his excellent books. Largely based on his own experiences, but fuelled by the power of his observations, Bigger Than the Game gives readers a more insightful look at the game."

—Shi Davidi, Toronto Blue Jays beat writer for

"Bigger Than The Game not only adds to Dirk Hayhurst's pedigree as a writer; it explores uncharted baseball waters with the unique, observant, entertaining eye Hayhurst is famous for. A must read."

—Jeff Blair, columnist for The Globe And Mail, author of Full Count: Four Decades of Blue Jays Baseball

"Dirk Hayhurst Cements His Baseball Legacy with Bigger Than the Game"

—Tyler Duma, Bleacher Report.
"Bigger Than the Game: Dirk Hayhurst’s latest, bravest and most emotionally moving book yet."

—Craig Calcaterra, NBC Hardball Talk.

"The emotional and psychological struggles in the book affect far more people than most of us realize, in every single walk of life. I truly believe this book will help people. The fact that it is delivered in a package that is fast-paced, engrossing and often hilarious, makes it that much better."

"Honestly, get the book, Dirk is a very good writer and does a good job of balancing the honest description of his depression with enough humor to make it a great read. As a Blue Jays fan, the inside stuff about the Jays make it that much better."

Blue Bird Banter

—Steve Maich, Editor in Chief of Sportsnet Magazine

"If words were food, a Dirk Hayhurst book would be considered a buffet of literary goodness."

—Sid Seixeiro, co-host of “The Tim and Sid Show”

"As an author, Dirk is like the best athletes: remarkably skilled, entertaining as hell and unwilling back down when things get tough."

—Michael Grange, and SportsNet Magazine

"...Truly shows off Hayhurst’s writing talent... Dealing with such dark subject matter (mental health), the fact that Hayhurst is not only able to relay funny stories but is able to depict the absurdity of his situations is what makes this book so enjoyable and, quite possibly, the best of the three."