Regarded as one of the most accomplished baseball authors to wear the uniform, Dirk Hayhurst has written some of the best baseball reads ever penned. Author of two New York Times best sellers, The Bullpen Gospels and Out Of My League, the critically acclaimed Bigger Than The Game, and the hilarious Ebook Wild Pitches. Hayhurst's books have earned a revered spot on baseball's list of literary classics.


Jack of All

People just don’t do one thing anymore, have you noticed that? The days of working at one place until the powers that be hand you a gold watch and send you into the fog are gone. At least that’s the way...
I was just a poor moisture farmer in the Dagobah system living underneath my foster parent's staircase until an owl delivered to me a letter telling me I was invited to play baseball at a school infested with Force wielding vampires in Forks, Washington. It was a wild ride. Somewhere in there I played in the Big Leagues, wrote some books, and found myself behind a microphone. Discover the man behind the story here.
Is it baseball season yet? If so, I may be on a television screen/airwave near you. You can find me just about anywhere these days, ESPN, TBS, SportsNet, TSN. Chances are you've already heard me. Check Here find out when and where.

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